"My 6 year old son started lessons with Dr. Pittman less than a year ago - he had taken a year of violin but really wanted to switch to piano. He has loved moving to piano and looks forward not only to his weekly lesson, but to practicing at home (something I never enjoyed!) Dr. Pittman makes the lessons fun and at the student's pace but also holds him accountable for keeping up with his lessons and being a responsible student.
Dr. Pittman works with a large range of students, from 6 to adult and from the two recitals and multiple group performance classes we've participated in so far and the results of local competitions, it is clear that his students are well trained. In fact my son received a "superior plus" in his first competition - he was so proud of his accomplishment (as was Dr. Pittman). 
Dr. Pittman is well organized, provides clear weekly notes on what to practice and important upcoming dates. He is also available by email if questions do come up. His studio is in his home, which is comfortable and clean. We highly recommend Dr. Pittman."

Ian Niedel
May 27, 2014



"Frank Pittman is a truly excellent teacher. Importantly, with him you do not learn just how to play the piano, but you learn how to make music. If he has an opening, grab the chance. I am myself an adult student, having played piano as a youngster but then gave it up for 40 years. Now I have started again, and it has been a wonderful experience."

Roel Schaaper
adult student
April 12, 2014



"Last September my son, Soham, started taking piano lesson from Dr. Pittman. It’s April now. He has Superior grade from NCMTA and is qualified to play at NCMTA conference in October.   Yes, we always believed that Soham can do well in playing piano if…? Other than screaming at him to practice I had no good answer to that 'IF', until...

On every Sunday morning I take Soham to Dr. Pittman’s Piano Studio for his lesson. Dr. Pittman teaches Soham while I wait in another room working on my laptop. I can hear the music and their conversation - Dr. Pittman perfectly executing his role as a music teacher with his depth of knowledge, detecting mistakes, giving tips to improve, correcting fingering, discussing the process of training hands as well as brain, showing tricks of the trade, stressing the impoartance of moving beyond just playing jst correct notes, how infuse a musical presentation with subtlety and surprise of drama … how to feel the essence of a music and make the listener / audience feel the same…
[I wish I had a teacher like Dr. Pittman.]
I have never asked Soham what he thinks of his teacher for I can see him coming out of his class encouraged - motivated – convinced that he needs to sharpen his skill and strive to improve.
No doubt Dr. Pittman is an effective music teacher with cordial and cheerful personality [I should add].
Dr. Pittman does a flawless job in running his Piano Studio – transparent and meticulously organized – the business being kept streamlined and simple the entire focus falls on teaching the art of music."

Shib Sankar Basu
April 10, 2014



"Dr. Pittman gave my son his first piano lesson 8 years ago on his 6th birthday. It was very important to me to find a piano teacher who was a superior musician and could teach a young child as well as an older, mature young artist. We have been so lucky to find Frank. From the very first lesson he was working with my son on the phrasing of two notes. Now he is playing all sorts of composers - Beethoven, Mozart, Albeniz, Grieg, Debussy - and Dr. Pittman continues to prioritize musicianship and the substance and stylistic expression of the music.Our son has learned how to learn through lessons with Dr. Pittman and we see this discipline and interest carried over in many areas of his life, academically and otherwise. We are grateful that our son has had such great long term guidance with Dr. Pittman."

Bonnie Thron, principal cello, North Carolina Symphony



"Dr. Pittman is a very talented and energetic teacher. I taught alongside him for many years and marveled at his continuous love of music and students. He is an inspiration to his students and maintains an active life in the professional world. His real life experience is very much a part of his teaching and his connections in the piano world can be very helpful for advanced students. All of his students learn not only piano but the disciplined life of a musician, elegance of phrase, and the technique to back it up. I recommend him highly to anyone seeking lessons in piano, children or adults. He is a lovely person and brings more to the table as a teacher than I can write here."

Dr. Lisa Fredenburgh, Associate Professor of Choral Music



"Dr. Pittman is a wonderful teacher. He really connects with the students.  My son, Basirul learned a lot in a short period of time. It is our great privilege to get Dr. Pittman as a piano teacher for my son."

Emdadul Haque , PhD., Research Scientist, Duke University



"My son has taken lessons with Frank for several years now, and I think Frank's teaching and influence has a lot to do with how much my son, now a high school senior, loves classical music. Frank is so passionate about music and the piano, and he passes this love onto his students. Frank is a musician and teacher in equal measures, so not only are his students taught with excellent pedagogical methods, they are taught by a true artist. Frank is an outstanding soloist, chamber musician, and musical scholar, and he has so much to give to his piano students. And Frank is as big-hearted towards people as he is to music. He is a most warm, friendly, funny, and fun person who will truly take an interest in you as a student. As a professional NC Symphony musician myself, I recommend Frank most highly for students at all levels."

David Marschall, principal violist, North Carolina Symphony



"I wanted to let you know that you ... really changed my life. For the first time, I saw what it was to be a teacher. A teacher doesn't just sit up in the front of a classroom and teach. A teacher bounces ideas off the students and allows them to grow by constant interaction. A teacher pays as much attention to his/her students as the student would. It's a two-way relationship.... You also taught me that effective teachers are also thinkers. In such thinking, they encourage the students to think and grow. The musical tidbits you shared with me about the Brahms-Wagner debate, Wagner's antisemitism, your personal experience at Governor's School, your piano expertise, and even the small conversations we had [led] me to finally see something about music: Music is not an art that is esoteric in nature, but it is a conglomerate form of expression that incorporates all aspects of life.

"...My six weeks of studying music allowed me to see the connection between art, beauty, aesthetics, and nature. So many cultures exist all throughout the world as do styles of music. To me many are foreign. No matter what, I can still find the beauty about it! I don't HAVE to absolutely love the nature of the culture, but I must find it beautiful! If I cannot find the beauty in living, why am I alive?

"...You are one of the most influential teachers I have ever had the joy and privilege to come in contact with.... I cannot thank you enough for what you did ... for me. You've shown me what music really is and you've shown me that an inquisitive mind and soul will propel me far in life...  You are a brilliant man and you are such a marvelous friend."

Joseph DeChristina
2010 Governor's School East student