Lion Dance

Published: Mar 13, 2015  |   Category: Hong Kong 2015

You MUST watch this entire video!!! Amazing acrobatics!!! LION DANCE.....Read More


Published: Mar 13, 2015  |   Category: Hong Kong 2015

That's right!!!  I've written 865 comment sheets to date!!!! I keep forgetting how much work is required as adjudicator for the Hong Kong Schools Music Festival.  I start each day by waking at 6:00 AM.  By 6:30 AM I am heading for the Le Menu restaurant in the hotel for a breakfast buffet.  A wide assortment of dishes are on.....Read More

420 and counting!!!

Published: Mar 6, 2015  |   Category: Hong Kong 2015

That's right!!!  To date, I have adjudicated (and written individual comment sheets) for 420 pianists!!!  After Saturday I will have heard 516 competitors.  If this continues then the estimated number of students I will hear in the month of March will be 2285!!! I do apologize for the delay in writing in my blog.  It has been quite a whirlwind of activities since my last post.  I will try to catch up.....Read More

Urban shopping

Published: Feb 27, 2015  |   Category: Hong Kong 2015

Nope, can't find it in this store. No, not here either! "I don't know what that is"!! "Try Watson's 4 blocks away"!!! "You should go to city'super.  It is the next subway station away"!!!! VOILA!!!!!! .....Read More

Arrived in Hong Kong

Published: Feb 26, 2015  |   Category: Hong Kong 2015

Wow, 14 hours in a plane is a LONG time.  I left New York at 12:50 AM on Thursday.  The plane traveled to the northeast--flying over Greenland, northern Russian, and mainland China. The flight was extraordinarily smooth.  I arrived in Hong Kong at 5:30 AM on Friday morning (Hong Kong is past the International Date Line) and checked into my hotel at 6:30 AM.  I'm on the 22nd floor of the .....Read More

Preparations for Hong Kong

Published: Feb 20, 2015  |   Category: Hong Kong 2015

Dear families, Thank you again for your flexibility during the month of March.  I will miss seeing all of my students.  I will fly out next Wednesday, February 25. I know I will be so excited to see everyone after I return on April 2. Our regular lesson times will resume on April 6. Keep watching this area for more blog posts. HONG KONG 2015 will.....Read More