Over the mid-point

Published: Mar 19, 2015  |   Category: Uncategorized

Well, I am over half-way done.  On Monday, March 16 I completed my 25th adjudication session.  By the conclusion of that session I had completed 1050 comment sheets from the beginning of the music festival on March 2.  Today is Thursday, March 19 and six more sessions have been completed.  To date, the number of comment sheets now total 1,333!!!  Yes, my hand is getting fatigued.  There have been many wonderful performances in these sessions.  Of course, there have been many performances where the students were severely under-prepared.

Today I adjudicated at the Conservative Baptist Yan Lam Church in Shatin.  I heard 52 performances of Schumann's Folk Song from Album for the Young, Op. 68.  (video)  Unfortunately, there were 51 performances that were severely lacking in either understanding or in preparation.  It wasn't until competitor #50 that I heard an acceptable performance (thank goodness).  I could only award a FIRST prize.  No 2nd nor 3rd prizes were awarded.  It made me sad to hear so many performances that failed to meet minimum musical standards.  I do hope tomorrow will be better.

Conservative Baptist Yan Lam Church on the 4th floor of the Jubilee Square in Shatin, Hong Kong

4th floor of the Jubilee Square in Shatin, Hong Kong

Inside court of the Jubilee Square in Shatin, Hong Kong

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