Urban shopping

Published: Feb 27, 2015  |   Category: Hong Kong 2015

Nope, can't find it in this store.
No, not here either!
"I don't know what that is"!!
"Try Watson's 4 blocks away"!!!
"You should go to city'super.  It is the next subway station away"!!!!

VOILA!!!!!!  I found distilled water!!!!!!laugh

Finding items in an urban setting is NOT like driving to a nearby Food Lion or CVS.  I walked "all over the city" trying to find distilled water for my CPAP breathing machine. The language barrier also seemed to be a factor.  "Water" is known.  But, "DISTILLED"??????

It was nice to walk around Hong Kong again and to reacquaint myself with the streets and subway system.

The hardest part???  Carrying 2 jugs of water in my backpack on a busy subway train....

Times Square Hong Kong


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  • Amy sangvai wrote:
    Glad you made it safely! Sounds like you had quite the work out walking with 2 gallons of water in your back pack. Thanks for the awesome reminder of the many things I take for granted....the ability to communicate, stores on every corner, getting in the car and driving.... Times Square looks amazing. At Meredith College waiting for the kids and keeping my fingers crossed that they do their best.
    • Frank Pittman wrote:
      Yes, it is quite a different story living in an urban setting. It is made even more complicated by not finding products that I am accustomed. Most everything in the pharmacies are labeled in Chinese. Thank goodness for pictures on the products. :)